Lira University was established to train human resources in Health Sciences and Technology. The college has developed Bachelor of Science in Public Health and Bachelor of Science in Midwifery programmes. These are pragmatic set of programmes to train Public Health and Reproductive Health Practitioners at degree level. Public Health and Midwifery programmes are based in the Faculty of Health Sciences. The programmes aim at preparing the students for a community oriented professional public and reproductive health practices. The concepts which are introduced in incremental complexity include but are not limited to:-

  • Client care;
  • Community diversity;
  • Ethics of nursing practice;
  • Health Promotion;
  • Holism: development;
  • Stewardship and global health;
  • Research and teaching.


Uganda has high disease burden attributed to the high prevalence of preventable diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and malnutrition to mention but a few. These programmes are developed to address the inadequacy of health professionals in health care delivery more especially in Public Health and midwifery cadres in response to the Uganda National Health Policy that emphasizes the importance of health promotion and disease prevention at all levels. These programmes aim to produce that cadre of staff with community orientation competent to provide leadership, team building, participatory problem solving, conflict resolution in health and development.

The students’ population is:

Programme Admission (first year) 2015/16 Second year 2015/16 Third year 2015/16 Total
Bachelor of Science in Midwifery 124 40 34 198
Bachelor of  Science in Public Health 111 10 programme still in second year 121
Total 235 50 34 319