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Lira University is one of the Public Universities in Uganda. It started as a Constituent College of Gulu University in 2009 and attained autonomy as a fully-fledged Public University through an Act Parliament under Statutory Instrument 2015 No. 35 on the 16th July, 2015. Readmore…

Vice Chancellor's Message

The Parliament of Uganda established Lira University as a the 8th Public University in Uganda, under Statutory Instrument number 35 of 2015. Readmore…

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E-Learning at Lira University

The University has successfully adopted an Open Distance and E-Learning (ODEL) system to improve teaching and learning. This system is a blended way of teaching and learning which shall endorse continuous learning on and off campus. To access the E-Learning platform, please go to TheBEE. To log into this platform, you shall be required to fill in your University Email address as Username and password created by the ICT Department.

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