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343 graduate from Lira University



A total of 343 graduates, comprising of 150 and 193 males and females respectively, received degrees in different academic programs of Lira University.

The University Chancellor, Justice Dr Benjamin Odoki conferred the degrees in the 3rd Graduation ceremony held on January 14, 2022 at the Main Campus.

1st Lady and Minister for Education and Sports, the Guest of Honour, praised Lira University authority for steering the institution in the right track of the 21st Century model.

In a speech read by the Minister of State for Sports, Hon. Denis Hamson Obua, Janet Museveni lauded people of Lango sub-region for accepting and welcoming Lira University in their midst as a public institution of Higher Learning.

“As you well know, His Excellency the President has this vision of establishing a public university in each Zone based on the old colonial districts of Uganda of which Lango sub- region is one of them.  Therefore, when we come here to celebrate a convocation at Lira University, we are also recognizing the achievement and fulfilment of a vision of the NRM government for Lango region,” she said.

The 1st Lady added that by establishing Lira University in Lango sub-region, government is also making an investment.  “It costs money; and a lot of it, for government to set up public infrastructure.  In the process of doing so, government injects funds in the area; and doing so means bringing business opportunities,” she notes.

The Minister was happy to reveal that Lira University is the first public university we have in this country that has its own University teaching Hospital.

 She adds, “This is a great asset that the Lango community should never take for granted. As Ministry of Education, we shall work closely with the university to ensure that the clinical and research   capacity of this hospital   is fully developed   by providing    all the essential   requirements    expected   of a teaching   health facility.”

She further revealed that the government     is    investing     shs43.9    billion    in   Uganda Technical   College Lira, in order to transform   that institution   into a Centre of    Excellence      in roads and bridges’ construction. “Furthermore, government is soon to commission     eight new public Seed Secondary Schools,” she said.

With each Seed Secondary   School estimated   to cost Uganda Shillings   2.1 billion   on average at least    sh16.8 billion invested    by government   in Lango sub-region   to set up these schools.

“These education institutions not only bring construction jobs, but they also stimulate the local economy primarily.  Therefore, I call upon Lango community to treasure the asset of Lira University.  The University   should not only produce human resource that are entrepreneurial   but also solve local problems,” The Minister said.

The event was streaming live on Social Media channels attended by audiences that got the live feed in real time and at their comfort zone.

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