About Lira University

Lira University is one of the Public Universities in Uganda. It started as a Constituent College of Gulu University in 2009 and attained autonomy as a fully-fledged Public University through an Act Parliament under Statutory Instrument 2015 No. 35 on the 16th July, 2015. It was established on a niche of training students in Health Sciences. It has the first University Teaching Hospital in Uganda. The university has a fully-constituted Council, Senate, Appointments Board and other committees to run its affairs.
Lira University is located in Ayere village, Barapwo parish, Lira sub-county, Erute County in Lira district. It covers a total area of 621 acres (251.3 hectares).


Lira University derives its mandate from the Universities and other Tertiary Institutions Act, 2003. The mandate as enshrined under the provisions of section 24 of the Act is to “provide higher education, promote/ undertake research, innovations and disseminate knowledge”.


Our Vision is “a Beacon Centre of Applied Science and Technology”


Our Mission is “to provide access to quality higher education, research and to conduct professional training for the delivery of appropriate health services directed towards sustainable health, community and environment “.

The University has the following departments namely:


  1. Faculty of Medicine
  2. Faculty of Education
  3. Faculty of Information and Computer Sciences
  4. Faculty of Public Health
  5. Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery
  6. Faculty of Management Sciences


Key Departments and Directorates

  1. Central Administration.
  2. Academic Registrar.
  3. Library and Information Services
  4. Dean of Students.
  5. Directorate of Graduate Training and Research
  6. Directorate of Quality Assurance
  7. ICT Department


The strategic objectives of Lira University are as follows;

  1. To ensure equitable access to relevant and quality higher education and training.
    2. To ensure effective higher education governance.
    3. To promote, conduct and publish basic and applied research findings.
    4. To promote creativity, innovations and technological advancement.
    5. To promote socio-economic transformation.

Core Values of Lira University

  1. Management Excellence: The University undertakes to display quality leadership and appropriate management style in all its endeavors.
  1. Effectiveness and Efficiency: The University will apply better relevant solutions that meet new community challenges and requirements.
  2. Professionalism: Ability to act with professional due care, knowledge and skills relevant to the approved set standards.
  3. Integrity: At all times we will act with integrity, providing quality service, being reliable and predictably consistently commitment to honoring moral, ethical, spiritual and artistic values and principles.
  4. Internationalization: The University is committed to both disciplinary and interdisciplinary research and teaching.
  5. Team work: We listen and respect each other’s views whilst working together to achieve mutually beneficial targeted result.
  6. All-inclusiveness: The University respects diversity of opinions, racial differences, gender balance, people with different physical disabilities and different political ideologies.
  7. Accountability and transparency: The University is prepared to display transparency in all her activity and be held accountable to the community in form of both physical and financial accountabilities are concerned.