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About the Library

Welcome to Lira University Library!


Lira University Library started as a college library affiliated to Gulu University Library that was established in the year 2002. The college library was set up in Lira campus in November 2010 following the establishment of Gulu University Constituent College in 2009. Lira University Library has over the years transformed itself into a modern academic Library.

Lira University Library provides information resources in the following forms:
• Text Books.
• Reference Books.
• Periodicals including Newspapers.
• Special collection and Government Documents.
• Electronic information.
• Virtual resources

The library offers the following services:
• Lending and inquiry.
• Information and literacy training/ User education
• Photocopying
• Binding

The Library admits the following type of members:
• Registered students.
• Staff and members of the university council.
• Students and researchers from other Universities.
• External borrowers who are required to register and pay a refundable deposit of $20 and a user fee of $10 for a period of one month.

Physical Infrastructure:

Lira University Library occupies a fairly big single building, with seating capacity of approximately 200. There is a processing room, two offices and ICT unit and a reserve section.

The Collection:

The collection stands at more than 10,000 copies covering all disciplines offered by the University. The library, in collaboration with its development partners is set to develop user friendly customized virtual resources and e-learning platforms.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Infrastructure:

The Library is optimistic that funding will be found to automate its entire system using customizable open source software. The desired system should be able to offer the functions of acquisitions, circulation, cataloguing, indexing and serials.

The Library management is committed to supporting the library in achieving its explicit goals by lobbying for more funding to network and equip the ICT sector in the Library.

Information and Documentation Centre:

Apart from the main library, Lira University Library has already proposed to operate an Information and Documentation Centre (IDC) whose services are open to the community. The IDC is a standalone unique facility that when fully operational will complement the services of the main library by providing improved access and dissemination of specialized information in the areas of medicine, technology, engineering, agriculture, tourism, culture, management and business. The IDC is expected to be ICT intensive as local and indigenous information needs to be digitalized and made available on the internet.

Challenges faced by the Library and how it’s copping up:

1 There is lack of adequate funding for the purchase of books and periodicals and for conducting digitization and automation. We are appealing for more funds from various stakeholders so that the Library is able to provide a viable service in line with its objectives.
2 Currently there are not enough computers in the Library but the process of acquiring more is ongoing although more support is still required.
3 The student’s population is continuously growing and it’s estimated that the library population will grow to over 1000 library users in the next two years and the library with its seating capacity of 200, will be stretched to the limit. We hope that funding will be found for setting up a spacious modern library building.
4 Library staffing is inadequate however the University in committed to recruit more library professionals.

Request for Assistance

As a young University, It is obvious that Lira University Library faces a mammoth task in its quest to provide a technologically driven modern information service. It is against this background that a request for assistance to set up adequate infrastructure and procure information resources for the library is being made.

Lira University Library is also appealing for donations or funds for the procurement of the following items and modification of the library physical infrastructure: computers and accessories, furniture and fittings, networking and internet bandwidth, digitization equipment, a library vehicle and automation of library functions and services.

Library Management.

Lira University