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About the Library

Welcome to Lira University Library and Information Services!


Lira University Library and Information Services derives its mandate from the University and Other Tertiary Institutions Act 2001 (As amended) to develop, control, manage and provide access to all information services to the University community and other stakeholders.  Lira University Library was born from the Gulu University Constituent College that started in 2010. Since July 2015 when Lira University was established by an act of parliament, the Library and Information Services  has  transformed itself into a modern academic Library.

Lira University Library provides information resources in the following forms:
• Text Books.
• Reference Books.
• Periodicals including Newspapers.
• Special collection and Government Documents.
• Electronic resources.
• Virtual resources.
• Document delivery service.
• Open access resources.
• Internet access.

The library offers the following services:
• Lending and inquiry.
• Information and literacy training/ User education.
• Photocopying.
• Binding.
• ICT.
• Electronic resources.
• Reference tools.
• Data analysis softwares.
• E-Learning support.

The Library admits the following type of members:
• Registered students.
• Staff and members of the university council.
• Students and researchers from other Universities.
• External users.

Library Management.

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