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The Department of the Academic Registrar derives its mandate from the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act of 2001. The Academic Registrar, Dr. Evelyn Karindiriza, heads the Department.

The Department cherishes the Core Vision, Mission, Motto and Values of the University as stated below;


“A Beacon Centre of Applied Sciences and Technology”,


To provide access to Quality Higher Education, Research and Conduct Professional Training for the Delivery of appropriate Health Services directed towards Sustainable Healthy Community and Environment.


In fulfillment of the Vision and Mission, Lira University Motto is “The Beacon”

University Values
  •  Management Excellence: The University undertakes to display quality leadership and appropriate management style in all its endeavors.
  • Effectiveness and efficiency; The University will apply better and relevant solutions that meet new community challenges and requirements.
  • Professionalism: Ability to act with professional due care, knowledge, gentility.
Roles of the Department

Academic Registrar’s Department assists the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic Affairs) in the administration and organization of all academic matters including Admissions, Undergraduate studies, Graduate studies, Examinations, Research and Publications, Curriculum Design and Implementation, Gender Mainstreaming, Academic Ceremonies and the Implementation of Rules and Regulations of the University. Academic Registrar is also the Secretary to Senate.


The department currently has Six (6) Committed Staff to propel the University forward as a Beacon Centre of Applied Sciences and Technology.

NAME                                                    TITLE     

1. Dr. Evelyn Karindiriza                     Academic Registrar

2. Mr. Angela Geoffrey                        Assistant Registrar I

3. Mr. N.P Egwel                                  Assistant Registrar I

4. Mr. Kilama Wilfred  Ag.                   Assistant Registrar II

5. Ms. Akullu Brenda                           Assistant Registrar II

6. Atino Sophie Jabona                       Secretary

Main Divisions within the Department of the Academic Registrar
i) The Senate Division

Specific responsibilities;

  •  Coordinates the formulation and development of new programmes by the Faculties and Institutes.
  •  Receives and submits to Senate new and revised undergraduate academic programmes for approval.
  •  Forwards   the   approved   academic programmes to National Council   for Higher Education for Accreditation.
  •  Proposes and reviews University regulations and policies and submits to Senate for approval.
  •  Submits to Senate University examination results for approval.
  •  Coordinates implementation of Council policies.
ii) The Admissions, Gender Mainstreaming and Records Division

Specific responsibilities;

  •  Processing of Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions.
  •  Provision of information to the general public, on programmes available at the University.
  •  Conducting career guidance in schools on admission matters.
  •   Managing registration of students.
  •  Generation and keeping records of current and former students of theUniversity
  •  Producing the yearly nominal roll containing   information of allUndergraduate and registered students.
  •  Preparing advertisement activities.
  •  Ensuring integration of Gender in all functions of the University.
  •  Liaising with Equal Opportunities Commission.
iii) The Examinations Division 

Specific responsibilities;

  •  Organizing and coordinating of matters pertaining to University Examinations.
  • Monitoring and supervising all matters concerning examinations in the University.
  • Implementing decision on all cases of appeals on examination matters.
  • Preparing and issuing Academic Transcripts and Certificates.
  • • Handling maters of Examination Malpractices and Irregularities.
iv) The Graduate and Ceremonies Division

Specific responsibilities;

• Processing admission of Graduate students for postgraduate Diploma Studies, Master’s Degree Programmes, Doctorate of Philosophy Degree (PhD) Programmes.

• Handling of registration of Graduate students.

• Providing information on Postgraduate Programmes to the general public.

• Co-coordinating of graduation ceremonies and other University Academic Ceremonies, for example Public Lectures, Workshops, Seminars, Conferences.

• Handling Alumni matters.

• Co-coordinating Academic Staff Association (Alumni) matters.



S/No. Courses Duration in Years
1 Bachelor of Science in Midwifery 4
2 Bachelor of Public Health 3
3 Bachelor of Community

Psychology  & Psychotherapy

S/No. Courses Duration in Years
1 Bachelor of Public Administration & Management 3
2 Bachelor of Commerce 3


3 Bachelor of Computer Science 3
4 Bachelor of Business Administration 3




S/No. Courses Duration in Years
1 Bachelor of Rural Development & Agribusiness 3
2 Bachelor of Education ( Primary ) 3
3 Bachelor of Science Education ( Secondary) 3
4 Bachelor of Arts Education ( Secondary) 3
5 Bachelor of Computer Education 3
6 Bachelor of Science in Finance & Accounting 3
7 Bachelor of Management Sciences 3
8 Bachelor of Science in Nursing 4
9 Bachelor of Human Resource Management 3
10 Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology 3
11  Bachelor of Physical Education 3
12 Bachelor of Economics and Statistics 3
13 Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery 5
14 Bachelor of Agriculture 4
14 Bachelor of Engineering in Building, Civil & Environmental Engineering 4
15 Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical & Automotive Engineering 4


16 Bachelor of Engineering in Mech. & Manufacturing


17 Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical, Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering 4
18 Bachelor of Engineering in Architectural Engineering 4
19 Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering 4
20 Bachelor of Engineering in Aeronautic Engineering Studies 4
21 Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering 4
22 Bachelor of Engineering in Oil and Gas Engineering 4
23 Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering Studies 4
24 Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Nutrition 4
25 Bachelor of Science in Survey 4
26 Bachelor of Science in Library and Information Technology 3
27 Bachelor of Science in Textile Studies 3
28 Bachelor of Land Economics 3
29 Bachelor of Procurement and Logistics Chain Management 3
30 Bachelor of Guidance and Counseling 3