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Cultural Gala at Campus

Cultural Gala took place on Saturday 26th October, 2019. The theme was ” Cultural Talents for Holistic Development”. The Event started at 11:00am and ended at 6:30pm.

The main participants were the students of Lira University classified in their ethinic groups as stated below;
-Acholi Community
-Lango students
-Banyakole – Bakiga
-Basoga students
-Nkoba Zambogo (Baganda)students
-Teso students
-Bamasaba students
-Banyankitara students

These different groups participated in a number of activities such as; Local Anthems, Poems, Creative Drama, Traditional fashion shows and Traditional dances. And the result from the competition is as follows;

  1. LASA – Lango Student’s Association
  2. BANKOSA – Baganda Nkoba zambogo Student’s Association
  3. LUACSA – Lira University Acholi Student’s Association
  4. BASA – Bamasaba Student’s Association
  5. BALUSA – Banyankitara Lira University Student’s Association
  6. LUBBA – Lira University Banyankore-Bakiga Association
  7. TESD – Teso Student’s Development Association
  8. LUBANSA – Lira University Basoga Nseete Student’s Association

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