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The department of the dean of students is committed to making your stay at Lira University, comfortable, enjoyable and memorable through the provision of a range of students’ friendly services. It’s our grounded believe that an educated mind in an unfit body and a corrupted heart cannot spur progress and development that we need for survival in the modern era. To achieve this end we adopted a holistic approach which integrate academic and non-academic development and progress of our that end the department seek to provide a range of services which include;

Housing, accommodation and residency: 

Lira University is a non-resident university. The department of the dean of students through the warden works hand in hand with private proprietors to ensure decent accommodation for students. We ensure the basic facilities like water and electricity are provided. We strongly advise our students from seeking accommodation in places which are not recommended by the university college. Students are advised to note that the environment in which they live has a bearing on their safety and academic performance.

Health and wellness services:

The College strive to ensure the physical, and psychosocial wellbeing of students.  First aids services and treatment of simple ailments shall be handle at the college health unit. However complicated cases shall be referred at the student’s own cost. In cases of emergency and accidents the university ambulance shall always be put to use as a and when required. It is also mandatory that every new students undergo a comprehensive medical examination conducted by medical team appointed by the university. Testing for HIV aids and Hepatitis is inclusive but optional , where a student opt to test for hiv aids the result shall not be disclosed to the university under any circumstance

The department shall periodically organize for group and individual counselling of students on topical issues like Hepatitis, HIV, reproductive health, relationships and substance abuse. We strongly believe that this shall help students in making healthy lifestyle choices in relation to nutrition, alcohol, safer sex, relationships and stress management amongst others, in support of academic success. Please take the opportunity and benefit from such occasions.

Recreation and sporting activities:

The department is committed to providing a range of games and sporting facilities to students.  Sports facilities in the following areas: football, netball, lawn tennis, basketball, Volley ball, rugby, volleyball, athletics and a variety of indoor games are being developed. This is meant to ensure that our students participate in all National, Regional and International Sporting events. We also do acknowledge the limitations in this area however we encourage students to participate in the games and sports activities to keep physically healthy despite the inadequacies at the moment. We also request you to use the few equipment and limited facilities with care as we look towards improving them