Lira University denies alleged corrupt practices in Admissions


PART ONE: FALSE ALLEGATIONS BY MR. EBINE TONNY OKELLO, TITLED: “Lira University Admission Process Marred by Corruption: Students Sold to Private Institutions without Consent” posted on social media by Mr. Ebine Tonny Okello (whatsapp number: +256-759-108-080), on Sunday-16th July 2023.


First of all, the accusations are not true, misleading and rubbish. We therefore wish to clarify and inform the general public of the above allegations levied against Lira University as indicated below:

In this case, investigations of the Lira University Application portal and phone call interviews conducted reveal the following:

  1. Background Check of the Online Admissions System/Portal: The Academic Information Management System (AIMS), hosted by “Zeenode Ltd,” the technology we use for admissions and others, is configured to automatically verify authenticity of the application data/academic information, is critical and used in the online admissions process. The System communicates/interfaces with UNEB’s system for purposes of verifying, authenticating and reporting errors on the academic information submitted by the student applicants, the records then retrieved by the Staff in the Admissions office (Office of the Academic Registrar), after the application deadline.
  2. In telephone conversations with two of our staff, Mr Ebine confirmed filling the Online Application form himself on behalf of the student (Akullu Winnyfred).  He claims to have been the financial sponsor of the girl since her secondary education to-date and also a lecturer at Chemistry department, Makerere University. He reportedly hails from Amolatar District.
  3. He filled the online form (applied) using a fictitious(false) name, “AKULLU WINNY” but not AKULLU WINNYFRED. The two are different persons the system can easily detect and reject.
  4. He filled the online form (applied) using a fictitious(false) Index Number (U3663/505).  Our Admission system reveals that this Index No. belongs to ALWENY SARAH, NOT AKULLU WINNYFRED, whose correct Index No. is (U3663/504).
  5. Our System cannot process the girl’s application form because of the False Academic Information he EBINE TONNY OKELLO submitted in the form. Actually, it is him (Mr Ebine), who caused the problem by personally erroneously filling the online application form, not the girl, itself illegal access to our application system, and instead he blames it on Lira University!!

Action considered by Lira University Management:

  1. Considering his Position as a Lecturer – Chemistry Department at Makerere University, we are aware Mr Ebine knows very well how the entire application process to join the University is done, and how appeals are made by students who are not selected.
  2. The University Management has therefore taken up this issue very seriously to make him explain the reasons why he shared/published malicious and unsolicited informationintended to blackmail, defame, and tarnish the good image and reputation of Lira University, contrary to Sections: 26 B, C and D, of The Computer Misuse (Amendment) Act, 2022.
  3. We are therefore committed to follow this Legal Matter to its logical conclusion as required by the laws of the Country to make Lira University regain its glory.
  4. To the University stakeholders and the general public, in case of any challenge or unclear circumstances, we encourage you to always seek clarification or help from the concerned office and avoid hurrying to conclude and act negatively, detrimental to this young but steadfast developing University.

Thank you,




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