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Lira University develops app for garbage collection, cleans Lira City roads

By Patrick Opio

Senior Communications Officer

Students at Lira university have developed an app to help in garbage collection and management in Cities and other urban settings. They cleaned Lira City roads.

The app, UGClean Cities was developed by Sarah Kwerit, a student of community psychology and climate change activist together with her counterparts of Computer Science and public health.

Kwerit said the application would facilitate the identification of garbage collection points, the category of garbage target group and the volume of the garbage. “It will also make it easy for people to participate in the collection, “she explained.

The university also donated a container for collecting plastic bottles.

The app was launched on Saturday (16th July 2022) by the Lira city mayor, Sam Atul, after the students, led by the deputy vice-chancellor in charge of academic affairs, Assoc.  Prof.  Okaka Opio Dokotum, took reasonable time collecting garbage in the city center.

Okaka said the university is not an Ivory tower, but an institution designed to bring transformation to the cities and a great change to the communities.

“This is going to be a game changer in Lira city, and I believe in many other cities across the country since the students also believe in this” he said.

Okaka applauded Lira City for working with the university which he said was their dream of public-private partnership to provide solution to serious problems.

He encouraged people to download the app from google Play store and make sure that they keep garbage out of their homes.

Okaka said currently the garbage collection trucks only focus on key collection points and the homes are not catered for, but the app will fill the gap.


Heaps of garbage have continued to pile up on streets of Lira city, including Noteber, olwol, Bala, Lira bus park and obangakene as leaders struggle to find a permanent solution.

The poor garbage management is attributed to the growing population of the city dwellers, poor garbage disposal and breakdown of garbage collection trucks.

Moris Odongo, a bodaboda rider in the city said, “I want to thank Lira University for the intervention that is going to see our problem solved”


Lira City Mayor, Sam Atul said the university had touched the heart of the city by developing an app for garbage collection.

“Ordinarily, you might think you are not doing much, but I can assure you this is a lot and I want to thank you sincerely on behalf of Lira City,” he said.

Atul urged the university to count themselves as one of those that have built a big pillar in the walk to change the face of the city.

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