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Lira University Policies


Lira University Policies are adopted and approved by the University Council, the highest decision making body and a supreme policy formulation organ of the University. Once approved, the polices become operative to guide decisions and achieve rational outcomes within the University.

Below are the several categories of University Policies within the University some of which have been reviewed, are under review, are being developed and others existent.

Policies Signed
  1. Lira University Quality Assurance Policy 2021
  2. Lira University Joining Instructions for Students
  3. Lira University Curriculum Development and Review Policy Signed
  4. Lira University Examination Policy
  5. Updated Research Policy and Grants Management Manual Signed
  6. Lira University Admissions Policy 2023
Policies Reviewed
  1. The Lira University Students’ Code of Conduct Regulations, 2018
  2. The Lira University Students Joining Instruction
  3. The Lira University Anti Sexual Harassment Policy, 2018
  4. The Lira University Information Technology Policy, 2018
  5. The Lira University Gender Policy, 2018
  6. The Lira University Examination Rules and Regulations
  7. Guidelines for Verification of Academic Documents of Lira University
  8. Lira University Transfer of Credit Guidelines
Policies under review
  1. Human Resource Management Manual
  2. HIV/AIDS Policy
  3. Disability Policy
Policies Being Developed
  1. University Council Charter Policy
  2. Estate and Land related policy
  3. Transport and Logistics Related Policy
  4. Hospital Management Policy
  5. Intellectual Properties policy
  6. Staff Development Policy
Other Existing Policies
  1. Allowance Structure