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Lira University Teaching Hospital receives 15 intern doctors

By Patrick Opio                                                     

Senior Communications Officer

The Ministry of Health has deployed 15 medical intern doctors and nurses to Lira University Teaching Hospital to do their practices there for one year.

Lira University Vice Chancellor, Prof.  Jasper Ogwal Okeng, while receiving the intern doctors at the Hospital on Monday said the medics will boost clinical service delivery at the facility.

Prof. Ogwal Okeng observed that the medical interns are the primary surgical staff for daily patient contacts and will oversee total care for their patients, including daily examinations, education of each patient, writing daily notes, requesting consultations and acting as the patient’s advocate.

Ogwal Okeng said that the medics have completed their studies from various university across the country but they have to spend one year doing practice at the hospital before they can be issued with medical practising certificates.

“Midwifery, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Medicine are among the professions that must complete a one-year internship after as part of their undergraduate studies before being granted a practicing license,” Prof. Ogwal Okeng said.

The Vice Chancellor added that the medical interns will obtain medical history and make initial physical examination of patients, document that on the patients file, record provisional diagnosis, suggest primary investigations and treatment plan provided that the treatment plan is discussed and approved by a senior team member.

Prof. Ogwal Okeng revealed that the Intern doctors have to follow up the implementation of the prescribed course of treatment, obtain results of all ordered investigations, document the development of any complications that may ensue and plan discharge and follow up.

The Hospital Clinical Director, Dr Okello Tom welcomed the doctors and revealed that the facility receives a good number of patients hence need for a more effective and efficient service delivery.

Dr Okello Tom added that every hospital department and Unit will specify the medical assignment for the interns to accomplish during their training period.

Dr Okello noted that the medics have to attend and practice in all clinical rounds done by the respective department physicians. They also will participate in the scientific activities organized by the department.

He encouraged the doctors to take part in the clinical research conducted by any teaching staff members of the university or by any other academic staff.

Dr Okello Tom said that the doctors will be also responsible for a wide variety of clinical and administrative tasks under the direction and guidance of experienced professionals.

Deputy Vice Chancellor, Assoc. Prof. Okaka Opio Dokotum, Ms Dean of Students, Emma Okite, Dean of Medicine, Dr Otim Tom, Heads of Departments and Units attended the welcome meeting of the intern doctors at the Teaching Hospital.

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