Council Members

University Council

The Governing Council of Lira University is  the highest decision making body and a supreme policy formulation organ of the University. Council is also responsible for the overall administration of the University and ensuring the due implementation of the objects and functions of the University.  To achieve its mandate the University Council, therefore, is responsible for the direction of the administrative, financial and academic affairs of the University; formulate the general policy of  the Public University; give general guidelines to the administration and academic staff of the University on matters relating to the operations of the University; do any other thing and take all necessary decisions conducive to the fulfillment of the objects and functions of the University.

The University Council consists of the following members:

  • The Chairperson of the University Council;
  • The Vice-Chairperson of the University Council;
  • The Vice-Chancellor of the Public University;
  • The Deputy Vice-Chancellors;
  • A representative of a sector relevant to the University depending on its objectives and mission, appointed by the relevant body in that sector;
  • One member of the District Council elected by the District Council in whose jurisdiction the Public University is situated;
  • A member of the Convocation elected by the Convocation;
  • Two members of the University Senate elected by the Senate;
  • Two members of the Academic Staff elected by the Academic Staff Association of the Public University;
  • A senior member of Administrative Staff elected by the Senior Administrative Staff;
  • A member of the National Union of Education Institutions; Support Staff elected by the branch in that University;
  • Two students of the University, one of whom shall be a woman appointed by the Students Union;
  • Three members appointed by the Minister from the public;
  • Three members appointed by the University Council from the public;
  • A representative of the Ministry responsible for finance;
  • A representative of the Ministry responsible for higher education
  • Two representatives of the constituent colleges, schools and institutes elected by the Chairpersons of the governing councils from among themselves;
  • Two representatives of persons with disabilities, one elected by the members of staff who are persons with disabilities and another by National Organizations of persons with disabilities.”