The Beacon



The 7 th  Public University in Uganda was created by Statutory Instrument 2015 No. 35 dated 8th July,
2015. Lira University had however existed as Lira University College (A Constituent College of Gulu University) for a period of five years.

The new Public University is located 12 kilometers west of Lira City and 326 kilometers from Kampala City, the Capital of Uganda.

Lira University with its Vision: “A Beacon Center of Applied Sciences and Technology” is on a quiet environment with lots of natural features and total acreage of 621 or 251.2 hectares.

Among the major Objectives of Lira University are: –
1. To be the standard of excellence and innovation for societal transformation,
2. To be a leader in integrating Scholarship and practice,
3. To engage staff and students in creative and rewarding leaving so as to enhance economic and societal development in Uganda and beyond and to assist local communities to build their capacity for Social-economic enhancement.

Lira University is mandated among others to provide instructions to all those admitted to the University and make provision for the advancement, transmission and preservation of knowledge, and to stimulate Intellectual life in Uganda, to undertake the development and sustenance of Research and publication and to disseminate knowledge and give opportunity of acquiring higher education to all persons, including persons with disabilities, wishing to do so regardless of pace, political, opinion, colour creed and sex.

Looking at both the objectives and functions Lira University must exist with the global partnership.

We therefore open our hands for cooperation in those sectors outlined in our objectives and functions.

Thank you,
Augusitine Oyang Atubo
University Secretary, Lira University