Lira University Senate is the chief academic organ that is responsible for the organization, control and direction of academic matters of the University and as such shall be in charge of the teaching, research, and the general standards and assessment of the University.

The following members constitute the Senate:
  • The Vice-Chancellor (Chairperson)
  • The Deputy Vice-Chancellor
  • University Secretary
  • University Librarian
  • University Bursar
  • Deans and Directors of faculties of the University
  • Representatives of the affiliated and constituent colleges or schools, namely: the Principal; the Chairperson of the Academic Board; and a representative of the Academic staff;
  • Such number of professors and associate professors of the University that the University Council determines, which includes at least one professor or associate professor from each faculty or school elected by the academic staff of the faculty or school
  • Such number of the Non-Academic staff that the University Council determines, which is elected by the Non-Academic staff
  • Two students of the University to be elected by the students in accordance with the Students Union Procedure
  • Three persons who are capable of contributing to the academic and social development of the University, appointed by the Minister from the public