Lira University Website guidelines


Welcome to the official website design template for Lira University. This template has been designed to reflect the unique identity and spirit of Lira University, showcasing its academic excellence, vibrant campus life, and commitment to community development.

These proposed guidelines will enable lira university as whole to be able to create various websites. It will maintain similarity in most aspects with a difference in wording.

I hope we shall be able to follow them as proposed below.


Our defalt font is “Roboto” and for the buttons, it’s “Helvetica”.

Ensure that the font sizes are appropriate and easily readable across all devices.

Color Scheme

Maintain consistency with the overall Lira University branding, but consider incorporating colors that reflect the unique identity of the specific department or program.

This is a close look of how the different colors appear.


  • Yellow


  • black


  • blue




Display the Lira University logo prominently at the top left corner of the header.

Include a clean and easily navigable menu with links to important sections such as “Home”, “About Us”‘ “Services” and “Contact U”. And any other links that might be needed.

Hero Section

Utilize a visually engaging image or dynamic slideshow that showcases the essence of Lira University.

Add a concise and captivating headline welcoming visitors to the specific website and highlighting its unique purpose or focus.

About Us Section

Provide a brief overview of the specific department, program or initiative related to the website

Highlight its goals, objectives and the impact it has on lira University’s overall mission.

Include key statistics or achievements relevant to the specific area.

Key Features/Services Section

Present the distinctive features, services, or offernings provided by the specific department or program.

Use clear and concise bullet points or icons to highlight clear benefits or advantages.

Include brief descriptions and links to more detailed information if available.

Programs/Courses Section

Showcase the different programs, courses available within the department or program.

Provide a brief description and overview of each program, including any unique or notable aspects.

Include links to specific program pages with ore detailed information

Faculty/Staff Section

Highlight the expertise and qualifications of the faculty or staff members associated with the department.

Provide a way for visitors to contact or learn more about the individual faculty or staff members.

Student Resources/Support section

Provide information about resources, support services or opportunities available to students within the department or program.

Include details about internships, scholarships, student organizations or career development initiatives.

Provide links to relevant resources or contact information for further assistance.

Research/Projects section

Showcase the department’s or program’s research initiatives, ongoing projects, or notable accomplishments.

highlight any collaborative efforts, publications, or conferences related to the field.

Provide information on ow students or researchers can get involved or contribute.

Contact Us section

Provide contact details specific to the department or program, including address, phone number and email address.

Include a contact form for visitors to send inquiries or feedback directly to the appropriate department or program.

Optionally, add links to social media profiles or any relevant online communities.


Include Quick links to important sites or pages needed.

Add copyright information and the year.