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Amolatar Community hands over 344 acres of land to Lira University

By Patrick Opio

Senior Communications Officer, Lira University(+256772370285/755370285/opiop@patrick)

Lira University has at last received 344 acres of land donated by the residents of Amolatar District for the opening of the University branch there.

In a colourful ceremony at the Amolatar District HQs on Monday 3rd Oct 2022, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by top leaders of Amolatar District Local Government, Lira University and some members of the community where the lands are located.

The Communities of Alemere Bung donated 203 acres and Agwingiri Farm, Oulu village, gave 141 acres of land, totalling to 344 acres, to Lira University.

Deputy Vice Chancellor, Assoc. Prof. Okaka Opio Doktum and University Secretary, Mr Augustine Oyang, signed the MoU to receive the lands on behalf of the University.

 The University Team were taken round for inspection of the borders of the lands. The communities requested the university to establish Faculty of Agriculture and Fisheries, among others, in the branch.

Prof. Okaka Opio Doktum noted that the University will put the donated land in good use by establishing its branch and develop the area. He added that there are several development and economic opportunities that will come along with the establishment of Lira university branch in Amolatar.

Okaka Opio Doktum noted that Lira University plans to open its branches in all districts of Lango sub-region and beyond. He added that the university presence in the sub-region will create cheap and easy access to higher education, good market for local commodities, labour, among others.

He praised the communities of Agwingiri and Alemere for being visionary and donating the lands for development, adding that they will on the positive record and history to be remembered.

The DVC revealed that Lira University is on record for being exemplary and accountable in planning and implementing its programmes and activities, the reason it has sustained a steady growth. He noted that the University has scooped several innovation awards and grants including building a powerful Teaching hospital that enforces science health care teaching and learning and offering clinical services to patients.

The LC5 Chairperson, Geoffrey Ocen noted that Amolatar is at the centre of Uganda, with beautiful environment, water bodies capable of being a tourist area, hence attracting development projects.

Hon. Ocen welcomed Lira University in the district, urging residents to take advantage of the institution to educate their children. He praised the people of Amolatar for preserving community lands for development use.

The University Secretary, Mr Oyang Atubo Augustine revealed that Lira University will first engage Consultants to do planning of how the lands will be used by producing a Master Plan to guide proper investments here.

Oyang Atubu added his voice to praise the community of Amolatar for the land donations saying several investments and business communities will be attracted by the presence of the university in the district. He added that Lira University has been generous with lands towards development, citing the establishment of Law development Centre, Metrological Radar construction, Presidential Youth skilling projects at its land in the main campus.

“This place will change positively when the university is fully established. Just give us time to follow government procedures of planning, sourcing for funds and investing in a land,” he says. He revealed that Lira University has attracted several development partners from across the world, partly due to large acreage of its land.

The Managing Director, Lango Co-operative Union, Mr Ococ Eddie commended the people of Amolatar for giving the land for establishment of the Lira University branch. He added that Lango Cooperative Union supports the gesture since the land will be used for development. He lashed out at some people spreading misleading information that they are against such development in the said land.

The University team led by the DVC, Assoc. Prof. Okaka Opio Dokotum, comprised of the Dean of Students, Emma Okite, Senior Assistant Secretary, Lydia Amongi, Senior Communications Officer, Patrick Opio, Acting Senior Legal Officer, Evans Olwoc, Ag. Estates officer, Denis Okeng, Senior Internal Auditor, George Ojulai and others.

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