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In Uganda midwives have been traditionally prepared mainly to perform the role of subordinates to the doctors. The Bachelor of Science in Midwifery programme is to elevate midwifery to an educational level that prepares midwives to exercise critical thinking and judgment in the provision of comprehensive and integrated reproductive health practice, as well as community-based health care. The capacity of the midwives will be built to conduct emergency surgical procedures which are life saving to mothers in areas where medical officers are scarce.

Aims and objectives

The overall objective of the midwifery programme is to educate and train midwives for the promotion of all aspects of health and elevation of midwifery practice.

Specific Objectives

Graduate midwives will be equipped with the knowledge, attitudes and skills among others  –

  • To provide both basic and advanced midwifery care to the community
  • To provide quality midwifery services.
  • To manage common clinical conditions including some surgical procedures.
  • To promote and practice community-based primary health care.
  • To provide quality leadership, management and administration within the health care delivery system
  • To initiate, promote, support and conduct research in midwifery and health related issues.
  • To advocate for the rights of their clients and nursing profession.

Duration of the Programme

The programme lasts four academic years each of which will comprise two semesters and one recess term. Each semester shall last 17 weeks while each recess term will last for ten weeks. The fourth academic year shall have no recess term. A student who fails to complete within four years will be allowed a maximum of six years.


To be admitted into the Bachelor of Science Midwifery programme, the candidate should have either:-

Direct Entry Scheme

A candidate must have the following:

  •  Uganda Certification of Education (UCE) or its equivalent with at least minimum of credit passes in Mathematics and English in the same sitting.
  • Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) (A level) or its equivalent with at least 2 principal passes in the Core Subjects Biology, Physics and Chemistry taken at the same sitting.
  • Other relevant subjects are Geography, Agriculture and English.
  • All candidates for this programme should obtain minimum weighted points as shall be determined by the Admissions Board.


Diploma Holders Entry Scheme

A candidate must have at least the following:

  • A Diploma in Nursing or Midwifery or
  • A Diploma in Education majoring in Biology and/or Chemistry.
  • A Diploma in Comprehensive Nursing or
  • A Diploma in any relevant health discipline

Mature Age Entry Scheme

Admission may be granted under mature age entry scheme after passing the appropriate mature age entry examination. The applicant under this scheme should be at least 25 years of age and must have completed formal education at least five years before applying.

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