Karamoja leaders visit Lira University, ask for customised academic programmes

Karamoja leaders enjoy lunch

By Patrick Opio

Senior Communications Officer/Lira University

Local Leaders from Karamoja sub-region have asked Lira University to help them change the mindset of their people from traditional pastoralism and rustling into love for education and modern economic activities.

The Leaders led by Nabilatuk Resident District Commissioner, Mr Odongo Milton, noted that most of their youth who are not educated end up in rustling as a means to earn a living.

They requested Lira University to come up with a course in Pastoralism to help them adopt to modern farming practices hence avoid rustling.

Lokol Paul, Chairperson L.C5 Nabilatuk District revealed that in Karamoja a family can own more than 1,000 heard of cattle but can’t even sell one cow to pay school fees for a child, the reason many youths are uneducated.

They also requested the University to support the Karimojong Students joining Lira University to be given Half Bursary.

Other issues discussed included exchange visits between the University team and Karamoja community with the aim of awareness creation.

They also promised to mobilize many students from the region so that they can join Lira University for further education.

The team named Vice Chancellor, Prof. Jasper Ogwal Okeng, a Karimojong name, “LOTTE” meaning keep the Karimojong children well. While the Dean of students, Emma Okite was also named “NATTE” carrying the same meaning as Lotte

A three legged Karimojong wooden stool was given to the VC as a gift symbolizing a permanent relationship between Lira University and Karamoja.

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