Vaccinate against COVID-19 and send soft copy of card, Lira University advises students


Vaccinate against Covid-19, Lira University advises students

Lira University authority has encouraged students to get jabs against COVID-19 pandemic and submit their soft copies of vaccination cards to Dean of Students to help planning for opening 1st Semester, 2021/2022 academic year.


Hello Student Leader/ Course Leader/ Coordinator,

Please, we received information from the Ministry to update our Records of Vaccination and submit.

As a Student Leader, we request you to:

1. Advise the Students who are not yet vaccinated in your Class/ Program/ Course to get vaccinated and;

2. In order for us to plan and open the next Academic Year – 2021/2022 well, inform all students to submit soft copies of their Vaccination Cards to;  

The Dean of Students on Email: 


WhatsApp: +256 772 570443

Please, respond quickly as you continue observing SOPs.

Thank you!

Academic Registrar.

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