Lira University embarks on tree planting project

Members of the Senate Committee planting trees at the University2

Lira University embarks on tree planting project

By Patrick Opio

Senior Communications Officer

Lira University has embarked on serious tree planting project as the most engaging, environmentally-friendly activity that students and staff can take part in to make the institution a better place.

While presiding over the Senate Committee meeting and launching the tree planting project, the Vice Chancellor, Professor Jasper Ogwal Okeng observed that for thousands of years, the earth has used trees to combat climate change.

Members of Senate Committee planted trees on the University compounds as the project launch on Monday (14/11/2022).

Prof. Ogwal Okeng noted that the life cannot exist without the presence of trees on the university as they(trees) enhance air quality, slow down heavy rains and reduce flooding, prevent excessive heat and provide shade and remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Ogwal Okeng added that trees have countless benefits to everything on the planet from sea animals to countless people working around the world. He said that planting a tree not only benefits those who live locally around it but to the whole population such as by removing carbon from the atmosphere.

The Vice Chancellor revealed that people who live near trees experience many benefits such as improvement in their quality of life with a positive impact on mental health by reducing stress and encouraging outdoor activities.

 On economic opportunities, Prof Ogwal Okeng observed that trees provide a livelihood to many people with forests having timber, wood, fruits, and raw materials which have economic value. He encouraged the population to plant trees as fruits harvested from trees can be sold and provide income.

He revealed that strategically planting trees will bring life to Lira University, improve quality of life and help combat climate change, reducing noise, protecting the University from harmful ultraviolet rays, lowering frost in agricultural areas, improving staff and students’ health, and reducing stress.

The VC warned the community around Lira University against grazing their animals on the University land, adding that the stray animals will be impounded and taken to local authorities or Police station for public auction.

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