Lira University extends online application deadline, admits Bachelor of Education-External applicants

Members of Admissions Board during a meeting chaired by Prof Jasper Ogwal Okeng, the Vice Chancellor, at Public Health Board Room

By Patrick Opio

Senior Communications Officer

Lira University has admitted 90 primary and secondary school teachers to pursue various degrees in Education, referred to as Bachelor of Education External.

At the Admissions Board’s meeting chaired by the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Jasper Ogwal Okeng today (16th August 2022), only students on External Programmes were admitted as the rest of the programmes wait for the general admissions slated for early September, 2022.

The Board agreed that the Bachelor of Education-External students will receive their soft copy admissions letters and report for studies on 20th August 2022.

Students on External programmes are those in-service teachers who study only during holidays, that is, when secondary and primary school students are at home for holidays.

The Board also resolved that education programmes like Master in Educational Management, Post-Graduate Diploma and Post Graduate Certificate in education will soon be availed so that teachers and Headteachers can access higher qualifications to meet the current Government policies in Education sector.

Meanwhile, Lira University has extended the on-line application for two weeks to cater for students on other programmes who missed out and failed to beat the last deadline.

The Admissions Board agreed that the online application be extended to 29th August 2022. The online applications portal closed on 10th August 2022, taking others unaware.

Those candidates who missed out kept calling and requesting the University authority for the re-opening of the application system to allow them join the institution in the next academic year.

The Admissions Board meeting also resolved that graduate management admission test (GMAT be administered to post graduate students applying for business programmes, on 3rd September 2022.

The extension period will also allow those who had not paid for the online applications forms to do so. The End…

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