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Lira University passes Policy against Sexual Harassments

Lira University Council meeting at Gracious Palace Hotel, Lira City

By Patrick Opio

Senior Public Relations Officer

Lira University Council has passed a Policy against Sexual harassment with the perpetrators facing heavy punishments for committing such offense.

The Policy defines Sexual Harassment as Illegal and Creates a Hostile Work and Study Environment by making it Intolerable.

The Policy is now a working document of the University.

 What Counts as Sexual Harassment?

Ultimately it is the person on the receiving end of the behaviour who decides whether it is unwanted or offensive.


-Blocking a person’s movement

-Inappropriate and unwanted touch e.g. of a person/kissing/patting/stroking or rubbing

-Purposefully brushing up against another person


-Remarks of a sexual nature about a person’s clothing/behaviour/body

-Sexually explicit statements/questions/jokes/ anecdotes

-Requesting sexual favours

-Coercion into sexual activity by use of threats of punishment.

-Excessive flirting


-Looking a person’s body up and down

-Making derogatory gestures or facial expressions of a sexual nature

-Frequently following or standing too close to a person on purpose (stalking)

-Whistling or staring in a sexually suggestive/offensive manner


-Displaying of sexually suggestive objects/pictures/cartoons etc.

-Sharing sexually inappropriate (pornographic) images/videos with co-workers or students.

Cyber harassment

NB: See the attached downloadable Sexual harassment Banners and stickers

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