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Lira University undertakes multi-Billion shillings’ infrastructure development

By Patrick Opio

Senior Communications Officer

Lira University is currently undertaking the ongoing infrastructure development as its key priority to manage and spur this fast growing young university, Uganda’s Public University.

Among the major construction projects are Administration Block and Intern Doctors Building.

The University Secretary, Mr. Augustine Oyang Atubo says the Main Administration Block being constructed by BMK Ltd will cost sh16,664,107,531 and shs 1.2 Billion for the Intern Doctors residential building.a

Oyang Atubo, however, decried inadequate budgetary allocation hence delaying completion of the buildings. “If Parliament and Ministry of Finance could increase the Development budget of Lira University, no doubt, we shall complete the construction of the Main Administration Block in the next 2 or 3 years,” Oyang Atubo says.

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