Museums not for money making, says Principal Conservator Museum Services, Ministry of Tourism


By Patrick Opio

Senior Communications Officer

The Principal Conservator Museum Services, Ministry of Tourism, Nelson Abiti has noted that Museum service is not for profit making but rather for learning the past and refreshing memories.

“Museums are important for keeping original records, aid memory to shape future, and create local contents then do much disseminations so that the public is aware of what happened in the past,” Abiti said.

He was making a presentation at Lira University Education, Justice, Peace and Memory International Conference organised at Education Block on 29th September, 2023.

Francis Nono says, ” Our past should not divide us, instead unite us in the healing process, formal truth telling and seeking.”

Meanwhile, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Jasper Ogwal Okeng has lauded his Deputy, Prof. Okaka Opio Dokotum for being committed in promoting traditional and cultural education, a practice that aids memory of past events to shape the future. He was opening the Conference on 28th September 2023.

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