Bar Ilan University, Israel, plans to partner with Lira University, Uganda, on PhD training opportunities

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Lira University to partner with Israel University[LU1] 

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Bar Ilan University, Israel, is in high gear to scoop a partnership with Lira University to undertake several opportunities including PhD training scholarships.

Prof. Michael Edelstein, a senior lecturer at Faculty of Medicine, Bar llan University, is currently visiting Lira University from the 8th – 14th March 2022 to assess the feasibility and the likely components of the partnership that can be beneficial to both Universities.

According to Prof. Edelsen, opportunities for the collaboration between Lira University and Bar Ilan University include PhD training for Lira University staff and students in Israel or through remote supervision(online). Each scholarship successful candidate will be paid US$1,600 per month while pursuing a PHD course in Israel for 4 years.

Another opportunity is doing PhD field work in Lira University for students and a joint supervision by staff from both universities (hybrid) for research projects. Medical electives and placements (research or clinical) is another chance a staff or student can scoop from this collaboration.

Prof. Edelsen revealed that a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that will [LU2] be signed later may include joint research projects implemented by both Lira University and Bar Ilan University as visiting or resident lecturers and clinicians may be considered in the partnership.

Developing medical education (PhD) curriculum, and lecture programmes will be undertaken by both universities if all goes well.
Bar Ilan University’s  Faculty of Medicine is established in the Northern Periphery, 6 affiliated hospitals attached to, covering approximately 2 million, ethnically diverse population with emphasis on socially accountable, community focused medicine.

Lira University’s Deputy Vice Chancellor, Assoc. Prof. Okaka Opio Dokotum welcomed Bar Ilan University saying Lira university is in dire need for collaborations with reputable international institutions.

Prof. Okaka Opio added that Lira University’s niche is in line with the focus of Bar Illan University in enhancing training on Medical and health sciences skills and knowledge. He revealed that Lira University is getting reading to open Faculty of Medicine which requires medical laboratory training.

The DVC added that that Lira University aims to increase the number of PhD staff and such scholarship opportunities were coming in time. He observed that there was need for other faculties to benefit from the training opportunity, a request, Prof. Edelsen responded to positively.

The meeting also agreed for a hybrid supervision of PhD students, meaning lecturers from both universities may be assigned to supervise students undertaking the course from Lira University.

It was also agreed that although the scholarships were majorly for medical students, those with Masters in Nursing or Midwifery could also access the PhD training scholarships.

Established in 1955 and the second largest in Israel, Bar Ilan University is a research institution with 18,000 students, 1350 faculty members, offering undergraduate, Masters and PHD programmes.

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