Lira University Guild Govt sworn-in, VC cautions its leaders

VC, Prof. Jasper Ogwal Okeng hands over certificate of merit to outgoing Chief Fresher

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Lira University Guild Government headed by its President, Ojom Daniel has been sworn-in office for the academic year 2021/2022.

University Vice Chancellor, Prof. Jasper Ogwal Okeng welcomed fresh students to the rapidly growing university. “At this level of education, a student is mature enough to identify bad behaviours and isolate them. You do not need stringent rules to guide your behaviour while at the campus, otherwise you shouldn’t be here,” Prof. Ogwal Okeng observed.

Prof. Ogwal Okeng revealed that Lira University is now a benchmarking entity on using Online Teaching. “We are receiving teams from other educational institutions coming here to benchmark how we have been conducting lectures online during the lockdowns due to Covid-19 pandemic,” Prof. Ogwal Okeng explains.

The Vice Chancellor urged students to observe discipline and respect for all so as to achieve their academic goals. “You now become part of the University family, join the team to build this young institution,” he says.

He revealed that the University will not construct halls of residence for students(hostels) as it is not viable but the private sector is encouraged to invest in this area.

He encouraged international students and those from across the country to join the university for vibrant study opportunities.

Dean of Students, Ms Emma Okite lauded the outgoing Caretaker Guild Government for steering the university during the lockdowns as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic period. She noted that elected Government was missing as students studied online for 2 years.

Okite noted that the Caretaker Guild Government undertook several achievements including organising online teaching and learning, procuring public address system, offering guidance and Counselling services.

 [LU1]Can we say, “ lauded the outgoing”…..

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