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Lira University offers Midwifery degree

By Patrick Opio

Senior Public Relations Officer (SPRO)

Lira University is the only public University in Uganda that offers Midwifery degree, Joy Acen, Head of the university’s Nursing and Midwifery department says.

Joy Acen reveals that Bachelor of Science in Midwifery programme that takes 4 years is among the programmes offered here, with Masters in Midwifery in the offing. She adds that 61 students have successfully completed the course and are ready for graduation ceremony in March 2021.

“We’re in the finishing end of having a Master of Midwifery Sciences programme ready. We’re simply waiting for the National Curriculum Development Centre to bless the new programme,” Acen adds.

She notes that the Seed Global Health, a United States based project, supported the development and promotion of Nursing and Midwifery sciences programme. “We have standard and modern training models for Midwifery students,” she says.

Acen observes that reports indicate that Lira University graduates perform better in the field as they always do internships in both urban and rural health facilities, exposing them to all kinds of settings and communities.

She adds that the department has competent and experienced teaching staff. “Our teaching staff are all qualified and work harder to produce skilled medical personnel to serve the community deligently,” she observes.

Lira University, a public educational institution created in 2015, is located in Ayere cell, Barapwo Ward, Lira City West Division, Lira City. The university covers a total area of 621 acres (251.3 hectares) of land.

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